June 6, 2020



Commentary for June 6, 2020:

Uh oh! Looks like Sally could be in trouble!

I donít feel as if thereís a great deal to be said about this chapter now weíve reached the end of it. I already talked about how the original version had some Mega Man characters going after Sonic, but I replaced them with the Babylon Rogues for this version. I guess I could also mention that Tails had been in the original version, as had Cream. I had originally planned to do a straight up re-creation of the original, just replacing the Mega Man characters with the Babylon Rogues, but I decided against it and went for a much different story instead. We just had a Cream-focused chapter, after all. Plus, with Antoine and Bunnie fighting bandits on the mainland, I felt inspired to use this chapter to introduce the Wolf Pack to Eonís World. Itís a shame we didnít get too much of them this time, but weíll see more of them.

Neither the Wolf pack nor the Babylon Rogues ever appeared in Eonís Comic, although Lupe herself did technically make a brief cameo, very late in the seriesí run. But that was part of the old SatAM-as-a-parallel-universe plot that I dropped with the 2018 remaster, and she had no dialogue. I intend for her to have a lot more to do in Eonís World. I like Lupe a lot.

Credits: Jet the Hawk sprites adapted from sprites by Dead-Meme and Kid222; Wave the Swallow sprites originally by Zig Sonar; Storm the Albatross sprites originally by Cylent Night.

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