July 10, 2020



Commentary for July 10, 2020:

When I first played Sonic Adventure 2, I just assumed the city many of the levels took place in was Station Square, since that had been the major city location of the previous game. Moreover, issue 98 of the Archie Sonic comic said it was Station Square and I assumed (wrongly) that they were going off word from Sega on that. But the Archie comic was actually wrestling with the problem of reconciling the deep and rich lore it had spent the last eight years building with the woefully incompatible lore of the games that was starting to emerge. I do find it amusing how far out of their way those writers went back in those days to fit the Sonic Adventure games into the comic setting without affecting the established fiction (and, more importantly I think, the ongoing stories they actually wanted to tell). They literally made Station Square the only human city on Mobius and put it in a completely artificial environment underground, which is why no one had ever heard of it before. This was some serious overthink squad stuff. I donít know why they couldnít have just said it was a city in a nation of humans that had never been at odds with Mobians the way the Overlanders had been. Like, seriously, there was so much of Mobius we never really got to see. Would it have been so hard to just let Station Square and the rest of what would later be established to be the United Federation just be in a region we hadnít seen before? I mean, that is essentially what we got in the end, anyway, once a writer less precious about his own lore and world building took over...

But Iím way off track here. The city in Sonic Adventure 2 is not Station Square. Itís only ever referred to in the game as ďCapitol CityĒ. Now I donít know if thatís a bad translation and the city was meant to be the capital city (which would make sense, since we meet the President there riding around the city in a limo) or if it is literally meant to be a city called Capitol City. Shadow the Hedgehog and other fiction later suggested that the United Federation capital was called Central City. Maybe that is meant to be the same city as in Sonic Adventure 2 or maybe Station Square, Capitol City, and Central City are all different cities in the United Federation. It isnít clear to me, and I named Earthís capital in Eonís Comic Grand Metropolis way back in 2004 not long after playing Sonic Heroes, where itís one of the levels. I could have changed that for Eonís World Vol. 1 and just gone with Central City, but ultimately I chose not to. And so Iíve chosen to interpret the ďCapitol CityĒ of Sonic Adventure 2 to be the capital city of the United Federation, which in Eonís World is Grand Metropolis. Hence why the events from the start of that game, where Sonic jumps out of a helicopter without a parachute, are described here as taking place in Grand Metropolis.

Sorry to lore dump, but this stuff fascinates me. I could go on at much greater length about it, too.

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