July 25, 2020



Commentary for July 25, 2020:

Iíve said it before and Iíll probably say it again. I like it when Sonic is characterised as kind, as a genuinely cool guy. Sure, he can be cocky and occasionally obnoxious, but heís not a jerk, nor is he too proud to admit to being wrong or to apologise to someone heís hurt. And likewise, Sally can admit to being wrong, too. So, I guess the real question now is, which of them was right back in Chapter 24?

Iíll leave that as an open question. What I will say, though, is Iím really quite pleased with how Iím characterising Sonic and his interpersonal relations in this series. A lot of people get hung up on shipping characters in popular fiction, but I think the friendships they have are far more important and often more interesting than their romances. Like I said yesterday, Sonic and Sally will never be an item in Eonís World; but they are best friends and have known each other for years -- theyíre practically family -- and I do enjoy writing these tender friendship moments between characters.

And talking of family, thereís Uncle Chuck again! I always liked Uncle Chuck, ever since I first saw him in the old SatAM Sonic cartoon. He even appeared in the original ĎRise of the Empireí Sonic fanfic I wrote back in 2001, which was essentially the precursor to the original Eonís Comic and what I adapted into the first four chapters of Eonís World Vol. 1 last year. Why didnít Uncle Chuck appear then? Well, because that old fic meandered a lot and tried to do too many things without much focus. When adapting the story for this comic, I wanted to distil it down to just the essentials, and Cuck wasnít essential. But I always knew Iíd get him into Eonís World one day.

Anyway, how about that classic Tornado? I knew, as soon as I decided to include it that Iíd be using the Sonic Mania sprites for it, but I didnít know I wouldnít even need to resize them. They actually work with Sonic Advance sprites just fine. At least, I think they do. Iíll elaborate on why I included the classic Tornado in a couple of pages, however, because if I do it now, I risk showing my hand too soon.

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