June 12, 2020

Content warning: violence, death, injury


Commentary for June 12, 2020:

Major Stimpson is another character from the old days of Eons Comic, who  would show up now and then when there was need of a team of soldiers. I could have just replaced him and his grunts outright with Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2, but I decided that, no, Id like to keep Stimpson around, and I fully intend to have him follow the same character arc here as he did in the original. His appearance is basically the same now as back then, but he used to be shown wearing dark shades. I decided to replace them with goggles, however, like the ones Sigma-Alpha 2 wear, as theyre more practical for combat than sunglasses.

Anyway, innocent civilians getting mistaken for terrorists and shot by trigger-happy soldiers? What is this, social commentary? Nah, if I were trying to make a point, theyd have shot all three of them dead and only realised their mistake afterwards or just plain not cared, and then GUN would have covered it up for years, probably forcing some more principled soldier to blow the whistle only to then be charged with treason and sent to prison for doing the right thing.

Yeah, Im not a fan of real world militaries. They are generally tools of oppression and imperialism. I have a lot more to say about this, but it can wait.

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