August 3, 2020



Commentary for August 3, 2020:

I couldnít wait to have Knuckles lose the hat, to be perfectly honest with you. It makes me wonder why I even included it, but I wanted a nod to some other Sonic fiction, and having Sora-Ya dress him in his ĎMobius: 25 Years Laterí outfit seemed like a nice little nod. But damn, if it isnít irritating to have to position a hat on him properly on these sprites. Thereís a reason I donít really do hats on characters (except for ones like Nack the Weasel who usually wear hats in the official fiction).

Anyway, whatís up with the crackling static on his head? Well, thatís a good question. Keep wondering, though. You may not find out until like season 8, 9, or even 10. I donít really know, because I havenít written concrete plans that far ahead yet (she says as if any of her plans are concrete, when they are actually all extremely fluid and subject to potential change right up to the literal last minute... and sometimes even after that); but the answers wonít be clear until very close to the end of Eonís World Vol. 1. And this is still only the beginning.

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