June 20, 2020



Commentary for June 20, 2020:

This little denouement here was not in the original version of the story. But as Iíve stressed in at least two other commentaries this chapter, it is important to me that main characters play more than a passive role in stories they appear in. It isnít always possible and it does feel a bit like Silky and Eon are just along for the ride here, but thatís why I added this scene with Ballista, as it will lead in to upcoming events.

The next scene with Knuckles wasnít in the original story that took place between Eonís Comic #104 and #109, but it was in Eonís Comic #117. However, that comic was very much a series of disjointed events that, while happening at the same time, didnít really form a cohesive narrative together, so I took the Knuckles scene from that comic and reworked it for the end of this chapter, which makes a lot more sense, I think.

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