February 10, 2020



Commentary for February 10, 2020:

I feel like Knuckles and Blaze have a lot in common. As Sonic put it, they’re both guardians of magical rocks, and they used to live fairly solitary lives before getting caught up in his world. But while Sonic thought that might be a good basis for a friendship, they also have something else in common that he overlooked; they’re both a pair of single-minded hotheads where their duties are concerned. Knuckles won’t hand over a valuable relic of his people, even to save a whole planet, but Blaze won’t take no for an answer and intends to leave Angel Island with that warp ring one way or another. They were literally seconds away from a fight here. It’s lucky Eggman decided to attack when he did!

Anyway, Freedom Stormer is, of course, the name of the Freedom Fighters’ new shuttle. It’s a reference to the biplane used to take the Freedom Fighters to and from the ancient city of Maga in one episode of the SatAM cartoon, ‘Sonic and the Secret Scrolls’. I did think of calling it the Freedom Fighter Special, after the similar planes/shuttles used by the Freedom Fighters in the Archie comics, but I’ve never cared for that name.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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