April 2, 2020



Commentary for April 2, 2020:

So, Harold Mortimer is actually a mage... or is he?

In any case, there is no ban on mages holding public office anywhere in the United Federation, so the scandal Blackwood mentioned wouldn’t be a matter of Mortimer having done anything illegal (not that that would ever stop him); rather, it’s a matter of disclosure. Mages have a lot of powers that could give them unfair advantages in various fields, including politics, where the ability to ensorcell others could be particularly concerning. To find, after nearly sixteen years of public office after a long career in the space agency, that Mortimer was secretly a wizard all along would be utterly damning for him.

Of course, who’s going to believe a pair of bounty hunters with zero evidence? No one. But a well respected member of the Meridian parliament? That’s different, which is why Mortimer plays the hepless victim as soon as Sally shows up.

Talking of which, Sally! We’ve seen her basically acting as a field commander and tactician in this chapter, but it’s important to remember that she can and will get her own hands dirty in a fight if she has to. Plus, I felt it was a fun reference to multiple stories in the Archie Sonic comic where Nack the Weasel also got his butt kicked by Sally.

Credits: Motorcycle sprites originally by Kompi.

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