August 13, 2020



Commentary for August 13, 2020:

There was a scene in Eonís Comic #71 in which Sora-Ya was brooding on a mountain ridge like this, and I wanted to make a homage to that at some point, but I could never quite think of the right moment for it in this remake... until now.

Now, I know the Echidna Empire hasnít been the menace they were in season 1 this time around, but thatís because the story has focused so much on GUN this season. But the Echidna Empire is one of the major villain factions of Eonís World and we are far from done with their story just yet. Thatís why I wanted this little epilogue scene here to give them the respect I feel theyíre owed and act as maybe just a little bit of a stinger for future seasons, where they will most definitely be back for more.

But thatís the end of this chapter. Come back tomorrow, when the second season finale of Eonís World Vol. 1 will begin.

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