April 20, 2020



Commentary for April 20, 2020:

In the original Eonís Comic, Eon never had any real struggles with Silkyís people or her homeland. Heck, the fact that heís a hybrid wasnít even an issue until late in the series; so coming in to do this remake in Eonís World Vol. 1, I wanted both of those things to be issues.

If you think itís a bit of a stretch that someone might be willing to kill a princess because the person sheís dating doesnít meet their ethnic standards, I would remind you that the Duke of Sussex, Harry Windsor and his wife, Meghan Markle recently stepped away from the British royal family as a result of hostility from the tabloid press and racism towards the Duchess. No, no one has tried to kill either of them, but I feel it neednít be said that racism can and does motivate people towards extreme violence. Look at... well, all of human history right up the present day. So of course someone could be angry enough about a princess dating someone who isnít ďpureĒ enough for them to decide she needs to die for it.

Thereís a good bit of misogyny in there, too. Itís difficult for me to phrase it without it sounding really overbearing, but note that the assassin attacked the girl, who has all these expectations on her about birthing future royals, over the hybrid boy he finds so offensive. The assassin feels a sense of entitlement to Silky and the choices she makes over how and whom she procreates with. If Silky had been a boy and Eon a girl, the assassin would probably have gone for Eon instead. What Iím saying is, when girls are perceived to have transgressed, we are punished more severely than boys, because patriarchy.

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