February 4, 2020



Commentary for February 4, 2020:

Lest we forget, Harold Mortimer is not a nice man. Sure, he might be in the right where GUN is concerned, but he is otherwise a thoroughly corrupt politician. He is greedy, selfish, and arrogant. He is a misogynist and more than a little bit racist towards Mobians -- not out of any deep-seated malice or hatred, mind you, but more out of ignorance and ingrained prejudices that he has no interest in correcting. He’s the kind of person who would say a bunch of ignorant and racist things and then immediately start shouting down anyone who accused him of racism. He’s the kind of person who thinks that legal equality between humans and Mobians means that racism towards Mobians is basically dead -- doubly so now that the President of the United Federation is a Mobian. In other words, he’s your typical white centrist.

Anyway, the thing about Mobian names was something that came to me recently in a moment of inspiration. I figured Mobians would probably have different naming conventions to humans. So traditionally, Mobians only have one name. No middle names, no family names; just one name. However, as a formality, their name can be given along with a title based on their species; for example, Sonic the Hedgehog. That’s not to say that all Mobians follow this convention, however. Due to centuries of human dominance, many Mobians found it simply easier to integrate into human society by adopting human names, which is how you may find Mobian characters with names like Amy Rose, for instance. Others just dropped “the” from their traditional Mobian title and made their species their surname, which is how you wind up with a name like Eon Squirrel (or Antonius Squirrel, his father, whom Mortimer refers to here).

Of course there’s plenty of confusion and many humans are in no hurry to understand or clarify how to address a Mobian with a more traditional name, which is why you get people like Mortimer calling Samanfur the Fox “President Fox”, when they really ought to be calling her “President Samanfur”, as Samanfur is her name, “the Fox” is her title, as Cookirini explained. But like I said, Mortimer’s in no hurry to even acknowledge his cultural insensitivity, to say nothing of fixing it.

Now, in the original version of this story, first told in Eon’s Comic #60 back in 2003, it was mostly just the Meridian president thumbing his nose at various authorities and then going on a date. It was a vehicle to shoehorn another OC (the president’s date) into Eon’s Comic, because that was still a large part of what the comic was back then -- a vehicle for OC’s belonging to various friends and acquaintances. In the 2018 remaster, I re-worked the script to have the president’s date actually be an informant telling him about various things GUN is up to, as I was trying to make reforming GUN a big part of his motivation. Obviously, that has carried over into Mortimer’s character here in Eon’s World, but since I’m doing it from the ground up this time, I can do a much better job of it now.

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