February 20, 2020



Commentary for February 20, 2020:

As a reminder, Silky was last a “guest” of the Echidna Empire back in Chapters 3 and 4. For Eon, on the other hand, this is his first time being a hostage.

Now, in the original version of this story, Sora-Ya made no real effort to ingratiate herself with Tikal. It wasn’t at all clear what she even wanted from her. I think I was aiming for the idea that Tikal had religious significance to the Echidna Empire, but it was all a bit vague. Only Horatio had any material use for her and that was to exploit her future visions. However, in this version of the story, it will be a little different. 

Anyway, did Tikal just call the planet Mobius?

Yes, she did indeed. When I was first creating Eon’s Comic, the Sonic fandom (in English speaking regions anyway) had just had its minds blown in Sonic Adventure 2, where the planet was referred to repeatedly as “Earth”. In almost all Sonic media up until then, if any name for the planet was given, it had been Mobius. Two ongoing comic series, multiple books, and three cartoon series had all agreed that Sonic’s world was called Mobius. Now the games, which are the bedrock upon which all Sonic fiction is ultimately based, told us something different. It was debated in the fandom, with people taking sides in a way similar to the disagreement over Doctor Robotnik vs. Doctor Eggman, but no real conclusion was ever drawn. Mobius continued to be used in the Archie comics for another decade yet, but other media stopped using that name, and eventually the Archie comics did, too. (Not that I was aware of this, as I didn’t read the entire Archie series until 2014.) Nowadays, it seems no real name is ever given for Sonic’s world... just “Sonic’s world”... and there’s that whole two worlds canon that Sega wants all official media to follow nowadays, too, which is frustratingly confusing.

But I digress.

I was never a games purest per se... Okay, that’s not true; I kind of was, for a while. Once I’d given up on my early attempt to get into the Archie comics, I embraced the games canon and made it the sole basis for Eon’s World. So, naturally, I called the planet Earth and never bothered with the name Mobius. (Well, except for the alternate reality based on SatAM, but that’s a whole other canon of worms.) That led to some weird, clumsy terminology, too. See, if I wasn’t using “Mobius”, I wasn’t using “Mobian”, so how do I collectively refer to the sapient animal people of Earth? Well, I ended up using awkward phrases like “non-human Terrans”; but in defining people by what they’re not, as opposed to by what they are, you risk framing them as abnormal, not the default. I never liked that terminology, but I couldm’t call them “Mobians”, could I?

Could I...?

Well, last year while creating the first season of Eon’s World Vol. 1, I made a late decision to start using the word “Mobian”, on the basis that Archie Sonic had started using it again late in its run, even post-reboot, where Mobius wasn’t a thing anymore. But I needed a reason for that word being there. That’s when I decided, to hell with it, and dived headfirst into an idea I’d had for a while and completely revised the history and backstory of Eon’s World. (Which was easy enough to do as nothing on either Vol. 1 or 2 would really contradict any of those changes at this point.)

So, in the revised history, Mobius is what the planet was once called over 3,000 years ago, when Mobians were the dominant lifeforms, whereas it is now generally called Earth. Essentially, I settled the two decade long question of Mobius vs. Earth by asking, why not both? It’s more complicated than that, of course, but it’s something we’ll be exploring as this series progresses.

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