March 4, 2020



Commentary for March 4, 2020:

At first, I did think of not actually saying what Eon wanted to ask Sonic about and revealing only gradually that he was interested in becoming a Freedom Fighter. But I decided to take a leaf out of Kurt Vonnegutís book and say, ďTo hell with suspense.Ē Itís not like the story would have particularly benefited from there being any ambiguity about what he wants, after all. But thatís a plot thread to pick up again another time.

Once again, this is a chapter adapted from a story that wasnít ever told in the original run of Eonís Comic, because I never included Blaze back then. Instead, this chapter is based on the remastered version of Eonís Comic #76 through #79, which replaced a story from the original version. As with previous instances of this, I think what I managed to write in 2018 holds up really well, so there isnít a great deal of divergence from it; Iíve just extended some scenes and improved the general look of it all. Also these two scenes at the start, connecting Chapter 22 with Chapter 21 (and, by extension, Chapter 20) are completely new. Again, ďTo hell with suspense;Ē it was important to hear what Tikal has to say before moving on to the action in this chapter and leaving the readers waiting.

And that brings me to the last two panels, at Temple Island on Avalice. When I decided to bring in the Freedom Fighters as recurring characters and include Blaze the Cat, that fundamentally altered some of what would later come to pass and rendered the sprites Iíd made for that obsolete. The guards in panel 6 originally had a different purpose, but to save time on the Eonís Comic remaster, I recast them as Avalician temple guards. Yes, Blaze is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, and she has even said she works alone; but Iíd already established Gardon as a sort of steward to the temple and, if there werenít guards before Blaze disappeared, it only makes sense that heíd have recruited some to help protect the remaining Sol Emeralds in her absence. After all, Gardon wanted to get some extra help and he has no idea whatís become of Blaze anyway. For all he knows, she could be dead.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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