March 18, 2020



Commentary for March 18, 2020:

I’ve talked about Doctor Eggman’s relationship with Sonic before. It’s complicated. He doesn’t see Sonic as just an enemy to be destroyed, but as a rival to defeat. Yes, Eggman does ultimately want to kill Sonic on some level, but only so long as he can do it in a way where Sonic knows he has been truly beaten and that it was Eggman who did it. Anything less than that would be deeply unsatisfying to him. So this scene is a moment where, even though Eggman’s entire plan has been foiled, he is still ecstatic that the whole ordeal has resulted in Sonic being hurt. That is a win to him.

I feel like I’ve really channelled that kind of mean-spirited and petty vindictiveness that some people have, where it’s less important to them that they get what they want than it is that they hurt their rival. You see this in politics a lot. I despise the man and those who support him, so I avoid talking about Donald Trump in most online spaces, really; but Eggman’s cruelty, his bully mentality is very much based on the attitude you see in some Trump supporters when they come out with slogans like, “Make Liberals Cry Again”. You can see that getting anything constructive done is far less important to people like that than simply hurting those they hate. And that is, I think, also true of Doctor Eggman. If he were less interested in hurting Sonic personally, maybe he would accomplish more.

Anyway, farewell, Blaze the Cat. We hardly knew you. Unless...

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