February 13, 2020



Commentary for February 13, 2020:

Word balloon spacing can be really tricky in sprite comics. In season 1, I did some weird things with connected word balloons that looked kinda messy and confusing, so Iím trying to avoid that now. But sometimes it can difficult to arrange word balloons coherently, depending on where the characters are in a panel. That said, I am quite pleased with my arrangement of word balloons in panel 6.

Now, you might be thinking, ďHang on! There are still echidnas in this world and some of them have even expressed an interest in returning to Angel Island, but Knuckles was having none of it!Ē And that is true, check out Chapter 7 for a refresher. The thing is, the Echidna Empire doesnít just want to return to Angel Island; they want to conquer the entire world as well, which Knuckles is absolutely not okay with. Itís a bit like how the Tenth Doctor yearned for the restoration of Gallifrey and his people as he chose to remembers them, but he knew that they had become dangerous and evil and as much of a threat to all of time and space as the Daleks thanks to the Time War. Knuckles yearns for the echidna society he undoubtedly learned about from his mother, the previous Guardian, not the corrupted and evil echidnas that the Echidna Empire has become. And sadly for Knuckles, those are the only other living echidnas heís met so far.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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