August 11, 2020



Commentary for August 11, 2020:

Thatís right. When Tekno showcased those hard-light bracelets back in Chapter 27, it was all setup for passing them on to Sally here, because they are basically the weapons Sally uses in the post-reboot Archie Sonic comic. Now, I have to confess, I was a little bit naughty with this. When I made the Sally sprites for Eonís World Vol. 1, she was originally already wearing the blue bracelets, because I was basing her design on how she looked in the Archie comics from issue 252 onwards. I never thought of whether or not sheíd be using the weapons from that series, it was just a style choice back then. But writing season 2, I decided I wanted her to have them, but I didnít want them to just come out of nowhere. (Of course, they didnít come out of nowhere in the Archie comics, either; they were obviously based on the blades that Mecha Sally had been armed with in the final days of the pre-reboot series and post-reboot they were said to have been created by Dr. Ellidy, the same person who originally created Nicole.)

So how have I been naughty? Well, I went back through the whole series up to now and replaced all the sprites of Sally where the blue bracelets had been visible and just converted them into standard white glove cuffs. Itís not the first time Iíve gone back to edit stuff like that and it probably wonít be the last either, although I get no pleasure out of doing that sort of thing, honestly, and the longer this series runs for, the bigger a job an edit like that would be, so I will be trying to avoid resorting to that sort of thing going forward. But I just didnít want Sally to receive an article of clothing that she, at least visually, already appeared to have had all along.

Anyway, talking of clothes, Knuckles is back in his regular outfit (such as it is). Howíd he get hold of his regular boots up on the ARK? Eh, donít think too much about it. Iím not. (Real talk, I just didn't want to spend all of the next chapter editing every Knuckles sprite I used to put him in yellow Imperial style boots.)

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