May 12, 2020



Commentary for May 12, 2020:

Oh, Iím going there. The Babylon Rogues are in Eonís World now! They never appeared in Eonís Comic because by the time Sonic Riders debuted, I was trying to move past being a Sonic fan comic and focus on my own characters. But this time around, Iím starting with so much more Sonic lore to play with and I needed a trio of likely mercs/bounty hunters to go after Sonic in an upcoming chapter and Jet, Wave, and Storm fit the bill perfectly. More details on that when we get there.

Anyway, thatís Chapter 26 over. It is the longest chapter of Vol. 1 so far, equalling the length of chapters 5 and 8 from Vol. 2. (If you havenít read Vol. 2, most chapters tend to be at least this long.) I imagine thereíll be longer chapters of Vol. 1 still, but if there are, I hope they arenít quite such a slog as this one. I had to make a lot of new sprites for the scenes set in the future as well as the flashback sequences, and that always slows things right down. I only managed to get one page done a day for most of it, so it basically took me three weeks to get three weeks worth of content done. Thatís not ideal, considering the biggest perk of working on Vol. 1 is usually being able to get two or even three pages done a day and build up a nice big backlog.

Still, itís done, so now Iíll say a few words about the versions of this story from classic and remastered Eonís Comic. This story is nothing like the 2003 version. In that, Doctor Eggman tricked Sonic into going to the Little Planet to rescue Amy (she wasnít even there) and hired Nack and a friendís OC called Raikou to trap him in the future. He found a post apocalyptic world seemingly ruled by an overtly fascist GUN, he fought the Super Egg Robo Z which had a copy of Eggmanís personality in it, and travelled back to the past with a couple of extra OCís who I had planned to give bigger roles to, but they just fell by the wayside.

When trying to remaster Eonís Comic in 2018, I realised what garbage the original version had been. Travelling to the future had been completely pointless; Sonic didnít learn of any impending disaster he could prevent to avoid such a grimdark future, and future events in the story would preclude that future anyway, and none of it because of anything Sonic had learned from time travelling. So, I wrote a new script to replace Eonís Comic #101 through #105, in which, yes, Sonic had been tricked into going to the future on the Little Planet to rescue Amy (and again, she wasnít even there), but it was only ten years in the future and he met future Tails, Eon, and Delta while there. Nack and Raikou had also been hired to trap Sonic in the future, but also to blow up the Little Planet, which is where the threat of collapsing all of Earthís history for the past ten thousand years came in. This story was better, but as I mentioned before, Sonic felt like a passenger along for the ride, rather than an active participant in the story. The story also required a lot of convoluted, hand-wavy technobabble to explain what the Little Planet is and why destroying it is no bueno. This was because I wanted an excuse to remove the Little Planet from the picture, to have Tails use some gadget to send it into the far future, beyond the heat death of the universe, where nobody could abuse its power. I just didnít want the annual temptation of time travel to fix all your woes to canonically exist in a world with readily available space travel, which is what Eonís World Vol. 2 is, so I came up with a reason to get rid of it.

But all this was too complex, I felt, and Iím confident enough about my writing and word building skills for the Little Planet to not be an ever present threat to the space time continuum, even if it does appear in the sky above Earth once a year, every year. So I trimmed off all that unnecessary fat and made this story a bit more character focussed, by making it a story about a very sad and tragic person desperately trying to change her life by changing history itself. And also throwing in some real sweet and tender moments between Sonic and Tails for good measure and giving my own fursona/author avatar/Vol. 2 regular, Delta Starfire a nice, juicy cameo.

Anyway, the next chapter will be a lot more straightforward.

Credits: Jet the Hawk sprites adapted from sprites by Dead-Meme; Wave the Swallow sprites originally by Zig Sonar; Storm the Albatross sprites originally by Cylent Night.

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