June 24, 2020



Commentary for June 24, 2020:

Some of you can probably guess where this is going!

Now, interestingly enough, this is the first occasion weíve seen Tailsís workshop in the Mystic Ruins in Eonís World. (Well, the exterior anyway; we did see the inside in Chapter 11.) It was a fairly common location I used back in the days of Eonís Comic, essentially as a base for Sonic and his friends. But, given that Iíve included the Freedom Fighters in Eonís World, along with Knothole and Freedom HQ, Tailsís workshop simply was no longer the only place where Sonic and his crew could gather. But given that more or less everything in the mainline Sonic games up to and including Sonic Adventure 2 is treated as canon backstory to this comic, Tailsís workshop would be a location that exists in-universe. (Even though it only ever appeared in Sonic Adventure and the Sonic game franchise really canít be rated for its consistent world building. But Iíd like to think Eonís World can, which is why I include this place, even if it may seem a little redundant.)

But the impression Iíve always got from Tails setting up a workshop in such a remote location is that maybe she just enjoys her privacy. Maybe itís easier to cook up ideas by herself out here than with other people constantly around. Iím not an inventor, but I am a writer and an artist, and I do find it a lot easier to work when I have my own space to do it in, where I can listen to the music or podcasts I enjoy and I can really focus my attention on my work. And who knows? Maybe Tails inherited the place from a relative. Maybe Merlin Prower used to live here. Maybe if Iíd thought about it more ahead of time, Iíd have put the Great Forest, along with Knothole, on the mainland rather than on Westside Island, and that way Tailsís workshop wouldnít be literally across the sea from the rest of her friends. But then again, Tails has a plane. She can travel back and forth at her leisure. (And if youíre wondering why Iím using female pronouns for Tails, you obviously missed Chapter 26, ĎFuture Tenseí. Check it out and youíll understand.)

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