May 21, 2020



Commentary for May 21, 2020:

So, recently, I rewatched one of my all time favourite cartoons, ReBoot. When writing the script for this chapter, I immediately wanted to make a bit of a reference to it by having Nicole use a bunch of vidwindows to keep track of the party and assist them during this mission. I even thought of creating exact replicas of said vidwindows in either SketchUp or Paint Shop Pro, but there were some decent looking monitor sprites in Metroid Fusion already, so I just adapted them instead. The backdrop for Nicoleís digital realm is from Sonic Advance 3ís level, Cyber Track.

Anyway, you may recall some Badniks mentioning a rail tunnel under construction in Chapter 13. Well, here it is, finally complete. The rail tunnel into Eggmanís Pyramid Base was in the original Eonís Comic, too, but it appeared a few months after the original version of this story (yes, this is a very loose remake of a story from Eonís Comic #96 through #99, but Iíll talk about that at the end). In any case, I didnít want the heroes to just be able wander into Eggmanís base, especially after the attack the Freedom Fighters carried out to get Sonic and Blaze in there back in Chapter 22. While a direct, frontal assault may sometimes be Amyís style, I figured that going in with the hope of freeing a prisoner, the party would opt for a more subtle approach. So the tunnel was ideal.

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