April 8, 2020



Commentary for April 8, 2020:

I suppose I should point out that this chapter is essentially a remake of a story originally told in Eonís Comic #84 and #85. The major difference is that this version involves Blaze the Cat, whereas the original involved the SatAM characters, whoíd been previously transported into this world, including SatAMís Sonic. Yes, that means there were briefly two Sonics running around in Eonís Comic, and one of them wound up being captured by GUN, who had assumed he was a clone created by Doctor Eggman. It was a bizarre story, and I scrapped it in the 2018 remaster in favour of the whole arc with Blaze. So, this chapter now is actually much closer to the 2018 version than the 2003 version.

In any case, in the 2018 version, Sonic was able to use the warp ring to get inside the base -- literally underground -- which I felt was a little implausible for a location he doesnít know the layout of (though, I figure the warp rings are smart enough tech to not open a portal inside solid rock). So instead, I had him materialise at the base, but outside and above ground. Otherwise, this whole scene is very faithful to the 2018 version.

Credits: F6 Big Foot sprites originally by Kompi.

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