May 9, 2020



Commentary for May 9, 2020:

I donít know if youíve noticed, but the colour saturation has been gradually fading in each flashback sequence the further back in time they go. Itís just as well I only did these four scenes, because the next one would have been completely greyscale at this time. (Nah, if Iíd had more flashbacks to do, Iíd have just made the de-saturation more gradual to keep it from ever getting that far.)

Anyway, I actually completely re-wrote this entire page only a few days before making it (FYI, up until page 17, Iíd only managed to knock out one page a day on this chapter, since it required a lot of additional work that really slowed progress down). The original page in the script was two scenes beginning with an altercation between Evelyn and Merlin, leading to Evelyn meeting with Ebony about it. The conversation with Ebony ended up just too short, however, and didnít cover what I wanted it to. In fact, it didnít even say anything about technomancy. I wanted the reason Evelyn sought out the Iron Queen to basically be because Ebony had told her about Regina Ferrum. So, I re-wrote the whole scene to show how Evelyn had discovered her gift for technomancy, been warned against pursuing it, and how sheíd learned there was a master of the craft out there that she could potentially learn from.

There is a narrative arc I wanted to tell with these flashbacks to shine some light on Evelynís history and the reasons for what sheís doing. The original version of this page just made her look like a bit of an unsympathetic jerk, which undermined how I wanted her story to end. Even so, Iím not sure how good a job of it Iíve done, but I truly hope that, if nothing else, readers will finish this chapter feeling at least some pity or sympathy (if not empathy) for Evelyn. Her story doesnít end here, but it wonít be picked up again in Eonís World Vol. 1 at least.

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