March 3, 2020



Commentary for March 3, 2020:

Remaking Eonís Comic as Eonís World Vol. 1 has given me one great advantage that I never had the first time around, and thatís the benefit of foresight. When I first had Tikal experience visions of the future, they only concerned my short term plans for the story, at least until I started planning further and further ahead, and the visions she had kept changing depending on whatever the biggest threat at the time was. But now, knowing more-or-less whatís coming for this series, itís a lot easier to keep her visions focused on one thing (or one group of things), while keeping it vague enough to not totally give the game away too early. In any case, the things sheís seen here reflect future events that I hadnít even conceived of when I first wrote the corresponding stories in Eonís Comic back in 2003.

Now, fun fact: I first created Eon Squirrel for a fanfic I wrote that was very loosely based on the Archie Sonic comic back in 2001. It was an awful fic and the less said about it the better; Iíd only read a few issues of the comic at the time, so I didnít have a firm grasp of the fiction or the characters in it. In any case, Eon was created to be a Freedom Fighter, or a junior/trainee member at least. When I repurposed him for a different fic and later for Eonís Comic, I had abandoned Archie Sonic in favour of Sega Sonic, so the Freedom Fighters werenít a thing in my fiction anymore, which meant Eon, honestly, kind of languished for a bit; Iíd left him without any real drive or purpose, other than being a supportive boyfriend to Silky, whose character motivations were much more interesting. Even when I started giving him more things to do, Eon was very focused on helping Silky and proving himself to her country. Really, it wasnít until 2005 that I gave Eon real agency of his own, which is remarkable, considering this was all being told in a story called Eonís Comic. But with the decision to bring in the Freedom Fighters from Archie (and, to a lesser degree, Fleetway), I realised that I could actually restore his original purpose.

Now, obviously, Eonís not a Freedom Fighter yet, but he wants to be one. He has a very romanticised view of what it means, mind you, as you may recall from this conversation with CJ in Chapter 3. (I donít recall if it was intentional or not, but I think that exchange lends itself nicely to the idea that Eon wants to be a Freedom Fighter.) The problem is, Eon hasnít had a lot of encouragement until now. If heís mentioned it to his parents at all, his father has immediately shot down the idea that he should join the Freedom Fighters and told him to focus on school, so he can get into college and get a degree and become a productive, money-making member of society. Alternatively, anticipating that response, Eon just hasnít shared this dream with his parents... or maybe even anyone. That is, of course, until he started dating Silky. Either way, sheís the only person whoís ever encouraged him to chase his dreams, so heís a little shy about asking, fully expecting to just be shot down in flames if he tries.

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