June 8, 2020



Commentary for June 8, 2020:

So, writing this chapter was an interesting challenge. It is a remake of the story from Eonís Comic #104 through #109, but a lot more streamlined than the original, which had more characters and a lot more going on to the point that it was kind of confusing. The role that Silky and Eon played was also so small as to be really kind of pointless. In fact, part of me even wondered if I should include them in this chapter at all. I donít want characters just being there for the ride and not actually doing anything, after all, which is why Sonic and Tails (who were both in the original) aren't in this chapter; at the very least, a major character's presence in a story, even if itís only as witness to events, ought to have some significance in the context of the wider narrative. So, I expanded Silky and Eonís role for this chapter and I may elaborate on this as we go forwards. But Iím getting sidetracked.

In the original story, Ballista was very much against Silky and Eon investigating Angel Island, but that didnít stop them. I never really addressed how they got up there, but going by shuttle would presuppose that at least one of them is a trained pilot, which neither of them are, whereas Dawn is. In fact, when Dawn was first introduced to Eonís Comic (much later than this), it was specifically in her capacity as a pilot. Iíve reflavoured a lot about her since then (she wasnít originally a Royal Guard, for instance), but that much is still true to the original. But I digress. I was treading in some of the same killjoy territory that Archieís Sonic the Hedgehog stumbled into shortly before issue 100, where the Freedom Fighters were disbanded and made to go to school because theyíre minors (which is why I call that period the bookís ďdork ageĒ). Of course, Ballistaís objections didnít stop Silky and Eon from going to Angel Island, but I didnít want a repeat of that here. These two have faced down dangerous situations together and have even been invited to become Freedom Fighters. Ballista respects that and she trusts them to be able to handle this. This is a world where a bunch of kids can be big damn heroes and the grownups donít feel an overwhelming urge to constantly doubt and obstruct them.

Anyway, Ajax is all fixed up and flying again. Captain Carolyn Smithson is one of the earliest named GUN officers I created for Eonís Comic -- probably third after Davis and Timmons, honestly. But she kinda fell by the wayside eventually in favour of other military characters. She was never killed off or put on a bus as it were, and I did make new sprites of her for Eonís Comic as late as 2010. But her role was biggest near the start. Iíd like to give her a bit more to do this time around, and maybe change things up a bit with her, too. I guess weíll see how things go, though.

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