January 25, 2020



Commentary for January 25, 2020:

When I first wrote Eonís Comic, the strongest characterisation of Sonic in my mind at the time had come from Fleetwayís Sonic the Comic, and while I like to think I made him a nicer version of the character than he had been in that series, the influence still was there. StCís Sonic was a mean-spirited braggart and a bully, the kind of person who wouldnít thank anyone for helping him, to say nothing of ever admitting needing any help in the first place. I never wrote my Sonic to be that unpleasant, but I didnít write him as nice and genuinely cool as Iím trying to write him now. My real point is, he probably wouldnít have acknowledged how much he relies on his friends the way he's done here back in the days of Eonís Comic. Thankfully, he was always a lot kinder in the games and the Archie comics, not to mention the modern comics by IDW, and thatís the kind of Sonic I want for Eonís World, too.

Oh yes, you may have noticed that Eonís World Vol. 1 hasnít taken a break for the weekend, like it did during season 1. Thatís right. Thereís going to be an update literally every day until the end of season 2. Thatís because itís easy enough for me to usually get about two pages completed a day, so there really isnít the need for a break. I can take a day or two off from working on this whenever it suits me without screwing up my schedule, so I figure I might as well make Vol. 1 daily, at least while a season of Vol. 1 is in the works. (I wish I could do as little as making three pages of Vol. 2 a week, but sadly that is still a much more involved process than making pages of Vol. 1. Maybe some day.)

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