February 21, 2020



Commentary for February 21, 2020:

When Fort Orion first appeared in Eonís Comic (with the much more ostentatious name of ďThe Frozen Fortress of OrionĒ), I had no idea where the backgrounds I was using were actually from. I mean, I knew they were from Mega Man X, but I didnít know they were from Chill Penguinís stage. I was just using some backgrounds I found on one of the old sprite websites; it mightíve been Background HQ, it mightíve been somewhere else. But I didnít have a complete sheet of any stage backgrounds, just individual frames that were basically screenshots with any character sprites and HUD elements edited out. I made good use of them, but there is a lot to be said for having the actual stage as a complete sprite sheet. With a lot of locations in Eonís World, I havenít used the assets I originally used in Eonís Comic, because they werenít very good or I can do a lot better now; but in this case, Chill Penguinís stage from MMX is still more-or-less perfect for Fort Orion. I can make better use of the assets now; but visually, itís still essentially as it was.

Anyway, how about this juicy lore dump Sora-Yaís laying on Tikal? I can confirm that what sheís saying is essentially true; itís spun, of course, to make echidnas look especially good, but sheís not wrong about the way humans have historically treated Mobians, or even how they sometimes still treat them. But wait, thereís more!  

Early on, I was reluctant to include some elements of Archie Sonic, mostly things from the pre-reboot continuity that were axed in the post-reboot continuity. Of course, I have relaxed on that since beginning Eonís World Vol. 1 by including references to Mobius and Mobians and featuring Mina Mongoose, and thereís more coming just in this chapter alone. But there are some elements Iím still hesitant to touch, mostly the stuff created by Ken Penders. Itís not so much that heís a litigious individual (there are fan comics based on Archie Sonic that include his creations without any issues, after all); itís more that I donít really have any use for his stuff in Eonís World, because most of it is tied into the history and backstory of Mobius and the characters in Archie Sonic, which doesnít jive with the setting Iíve created. Eonís World is much more like post-reboot Archie Sonic, which is basically the games with additional material. So, while there are certainly elements created by Penders that I enjoy in Archie Sonic, thereís not much that can really fit into Eonís World. So donít expect to see Dimitri, Julie-Su, or Lien-Da popping up, much as I like them. The only thing you will see is the hyphenated names for echidna women.

Iím getting off track. Overlanders!

Overlanders were what humans were called early in Archie Sonic. It was only really after Sonic Adventure 2 that the name started to fall out of use in favour of just ďhumansĒ. But I rather enjoy that name, from a time when there wasnít much game canon yet, so the Archie writers did a lot of world building of their own for the comic. So, youíll find that a lot of things from Archie Sonic may start to pop up in Eonís World, not as contemporary elements, but as historical ones. For instance, Mobius is what the planet was called in the past, and Mobians also called humans Overlanders thousands of years ago, when they were still rare and mysterious. Perhaps some characters who were contemporary in the Archie series will also pop up as historical or legendary figures, too. (Spoilers: Some definitely will.)

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