March 31, 2020



Commentary for March 31, 2020:

In the original version of this story, the heroes saved the day by using the police headquarters’ computer to hack into the control signal Eggman was using to control the Badniks and then command them to destroy one another. I believe the idea was inspired by the way the Trade Federation’s droid army was defeated at the end of The Phantom Menace, when the heroes destroyed the orbiting control ship, causing the droids to all shut down. But in this case, I felt that it was a pretty weak solution for the heroes to just be able to pirate Eggman’s signal like that, even with a high-end police computer, which is why I changed it the way I have done.

I wanted there to be a real sense of peril, for Nicole to actually be risking her life going into the EggNet to create a command for the Badniks to self-destruct, and for Sally to be genuinely scared of losing someone dear to her. Now, obviously, Sally and Nicole weren’t involved in the original version, but since one of the heroes from then was the OC I brought Sally in to replace, it wasn’t too great a leap to the story I’ve written now and I am rather pleased with it.

In any case, we’re not quite done yet, because Nicole is about to learn something important from the espionage virus she left in the EggNet, and you can probably guess what that is...

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