June 14, 2020



Commentary for June 14, 2020:

So, basically continuing yesterdayís commentary, is Kari-Ya abandoning Sora-Ya in the hopes of succeeding her if she should be caught or killed by GUN? I imagine thereís a small part of her thinking that, yes. But again, I think itís more a matter of survival instincts kicking in. She hesitated before leaving, because, as much as Sora-Ya hurts her (and she does), thereís a part of Kari-Ya that loves her mother and yearns for her approval. Children can have complex feelings about their parents and still love a parent and want a positive relationship with them, even after decades of cruelty and abuse.

Now then, this fight between Knuckles and Sora-Ya is straight out of the original version of this story. The biggest difference is just that Iíve made it an actual fight thatís more than one panel long, but the result will be the same, as youíll see tomorrow.

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