July 28, 2020



Commentary for July 28, 2020:

In the original Eonís Comic, Sonic went back to Eggman after GUN captured Cream and Tikal, having already captured Tails and Amy. Like in this version of the story, Knuckles was also unaccounted for, and unlike this version, the Freedom Fighters werenít involved in the story or even part of the regular cast of characters. But Sonicís decision to go back to Eggman still came after a meeting with Cookirini and the President of Meridia, but it was a lot more ambiguous as to what was going on. Iíve tried to maintain a degree of ambiguity here, too, but I think most readers are savvy enough to have an idea of what may be going on.

Anyway, tomorrow weíll be catching up with Knuckles again in what will be the penultimate chapter of this season.

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