May 29, 2019



Commentary for May 29, 2019:

At this point, Eon has been bullied fairly mercilessly for being a hybrid pretty much his entire life (well, maybe at least up until he made friends with the likes of CJ, who’d stick up for him). But in all those years of bullying, no one’s ever called him “half-breed” and certainly not “it”, which is why he’s so taken aback by it. He’s used to people being more subtle in their bigotry than facing people who will just outright use vicious slurs like this. But that’s how the Echidna Empire rolls. They’re not overtly racist (unlike some people we’ll be meeting all in good time), but they do hate hybrids. After all, in their view, all species were divinely created separate and are meant to stay separate. Hybrids are the embodiment of one of the most serious taboos of their faith; Eon’s very existence is sacrilege.

Question. Why don’t the Imperials here have guns? Well, from a storytelling point of view, if they had guns, it would be much shorter fight and Bunnie would be the only one who could really stop them (which would mean her laser couldn’t be out of energy, and we’d end up with fatalities way too early in the story of Eon’s World). But from a post-hoc world building perspective, let’s just say the Echidna Empire is a bit short on firearms at this point. Thanks to global gun control laws, it’s actually quite hard for civilians to get hold of firearms at this time, and any who do are well trained and licensed to own their guns. Oh sure, you can get guns on the black market, but not enough to outfit thousands of people. So, at this point, most Imperial foot soldiers use shock batons.

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