June 18, 2019



Commentary for June 18, 2019:

Can you imagine a world where people could magically control technology? Itíd be pretty scary. I mean, itís already scary how easily networked devices can be hacked in the real world -- true story, a casino got robbed one time because the thieves hacked into the security via the thermometer on the fish tank, which was part of the same network as their high-rollers database. Imagine if someone could take control of literally any electrical device and there was no way to stop them? Youíre damn right people would forbid the practice. Of course, as soon as one mage learned how to use their magic that way, others inevitably would follow, either learning from the original master or figuring it out for themselves.

That being said, as far as worldbuilding goes, I do not conceive of technomancers as being remotely common. Like necromancy and magic that can control other peopleís minds or bodies, technomancy has been successfully eradicated for the most part. But thereís always going to be some who slip through even the tightest regulations, which is where Evelyn Blackwood comes in.

Credits: Rotor sprites by DarkBurraki.

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