October 2, 2019



Commentary for October 2, 2019:

Fťro-Na was not a deep, multilayered character in Eonís Comic. If anything, she was quite one-dimensional, characterised entirely by her fanatical loyalty and devotion to the cause of the Echidna Empire.  While that is certainly something I wish to maintain with her portrayal in Eonís World Vol. 1, Iíd like there to be a bit more nuance to her. Yes, she is unwaveringly loyal to Sora-Ya, but that doesnít have to mean she will mindlessly follow her every order. In Chapter 7, she urged Sora-Ya to let her kill Knuckles, because she believes the Echidna Empire doesnít need him and heís already been given a chance to join and refused, so why keep trying? As far as she is concerned, Knuckles is an enemy and a threat to the cause and should be eliminated. This is why she is deliberately disobeying Sora-Ya by going straight to lethal force, rather than, as she would see it, wasting her time trying to recruit him when he clearly isnít interested. In her mind, this is the height of loyalty; to protect Sora-Ya from her own poor judgement. She would, of course, spin it to Sora-Ya as an unfortunate necessity if she actually succeeded in killing Knuckles, because what she doesnít know canít hurt her.

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