September 25, 2019



Commentary for September 25, 2019:

I didn’t plan for the entire cockpit scene to be such a tight shot, but the shuttle’s cockpit turned out to be a lot smaller than I had expected. There are some serious limitations to what you can do with a 2D space like this (which is, of course, why I eventually stopped doing a sprite comic altogether in the first place), but this is meant to essentially re-create the cockpit seen here in Chapter 7. (Yes, that has four seats rather than one, I know, even if two aren't visible in that shot, but I digress. Again, limitations of 2D environments compared to 3D ones.)

I like to think of Doctor Eggman’s little boast here as being an attempt to save face. He had every intention of killing every echidna aboard the ARK and had expected that his sudden two-pronged assault would be quick and effective. He had hoped to have Sora-Ya brought to him on her knees so she could witness the last of her followers aboard the ARK being murdered before she herself was killed. He did not expect the echidnas to find a way to destroy the Balkiries keeping any shuttles from escaping and manage to successfully escape with more than two thirds of their number still alive, and it’s actually really grating on him that they gave him the slip like this. But, in much the way that a child will pretend they didn’t want something anyway when it is denied to them, Eggman is making a big show of how much he doesn’t care that Sora-Ya and most of her followers got away. In truth, however, he is not above petty revenge, even against someone he doesn’t consider a real threat or rival.

Anyway, it looks like things may be about to pop off on Angel Island. But first, we have one more page of this chapter...

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