August 21, 2019



Commentary for August 21, 2019:

The idea of a precursor civilization on Earth who created the Chaos Emeralds and the Temple of Chaos is one thatís been in the back of my mind since probably even before I began writing Eonís Comic, and itís one that I gradually began to flesh out over the years, but never actually committed to the story back then. I may have made the occasional hint at it, but never gone all in with it. Iím fairly certain that I originally intended that the AlatŠrans (youíll have met two of them if youíre up to date with Eonís World Vol. 2) were these precursors, but I later settled on what I think is a better option. Iím not going to reveal who it is here, however, and I doubt it will even be revealed at any point in Vol. 1. However, it will most certainly be revealed in Vol. 2. When, however, I canít say, because I donít yet know.

I think the reason I never dived in was because I kind of expected a bit more history of the Chaos Emeralds to be revealed in the Sonic games, given that history was an important part of the plot in both Sonic Adventures. But that never happened and, since then, Sega hasnít really shown a great interest in a strong, coherent continuity for the Sonic games. So, to hell with it. Iím going to make up a back story for things like this, when thereís an interesting story I can tell, just like Archie Sonic used to do. Is Horatio right about the Temple of Chaos and the original function of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald? I guess weíll find out, wonít we?

Anyway, this scene with Knuckles kicking butt is a bit of a homage to a scene from the original version of this story, which was in Eonís Comic #29 back in 2003. I may have mentioned this before, but I do enjoy writing Knuckles and having him kick some butt like this. Sonic Battle was an absolute gift, given how many new sprites of Knuckles fighting it gave us. (Not to mention, it also gave the Chaos Gamma sprites, which I use as E-1000 Badniks and the only official Sonic Advance style sprites of Shadow.)

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