September 12, 2019



Commentary for September 12, 2019:

So, I figured South Island is far enough south that it doesn’t really snow there, except on high ground. I mean, really, having snow on any of these islands is going to seem unusual, given that they’re in the freakin’ Caribbean, but I figure Earth’s climate may have changed a wee bit in fifty thousand years, and I guess it doesn’t help that half of the moon just got blown up, too, and some of the dust from that may have fallen into Earth’s atmosphere, as well, contributing to a lowering of global temperatures.

But I digress, I wanted it to not be snowing on South Island, so we could have a break from snow. But, of course, North Cave is in the Frozen Zone, which I’ve placed in the snowcapped mountains of South Island. So, sorry, we still have more snow for now.

Now, the whole thing about the Chaos Emeralds being hidden in North Cave on South Island goes back to fiction written to accompany the early Sonic games in the West. This was ignored by the Archie comics, but Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic ran with it, even having a whole story pivoting on the fact that Sonic had hidden the Chaos Emeralds in North Cave. So it’s a bit of a nod to that early fiction. Following the events of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, where the Chaos Emeralds almost brought about the end of the world, Sonic has taken some responsibility and stashed them in a remote place that only he and the Freedom Fighters know about. (Because, really, why would you trust the likes of GUN with them? And let’s be frank here, GUN is going to get hold of them if they’re turned over to any authorities.)

Really, if Eggman had continued listening to Cream’s conversation with Blaze on the previous page, he’d have found out where the Chaos Emeralds are currently being kept. But he didn’t, because what possible use could he have for any information from a seven-year-old child? Well, Cream is the Governor’s daughter and, as Governor, Vanilla needs to be made aware of artefacts of ultimate power being hidden somewhere in her province. It helps that she is on very good terms with the Freedom Fighters, but then, she probably wouldn’t have been elected Governor if she wasn’t. They are local heroes, after all. Anyway, Cream must have overheard this little nugget of intel some time at the Governor’s mansion and, wanting to help her friend, told Blaze about it. That said, I doubt it was her intent for Blaze to go and take the Chaos Emeralds without asking anyone.

Now, a point of interest here. This was Johnny Lightfoot’s first ever appearance in any fiction I have ever written, when I was doing the Eon’s Comic remaster in 2018 (specifically for page #38). I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating; when I decided to include Sally Acorn as a regular recurring character in Eon’s World, I wanted the Freedom Fighters, too, but not just the Freedom Fighters from Archie Sonic. I wanted the Freedom Fighters from Fleetway’s StC, too. And Johnny, being one of the more prominent, was first up. I gave him a quick makeover, bringing him into line with the standard for Sonic characters in the games these days, but the things carried over from StC are his red leather jacket, his style of shoes, and his signature metal staff. It made sense to me to have him be the first to respond in this situation, since the Chaos Emeralds being kept in North Cave is itself a giant homage to StC.

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