September 6, 2019



Commentary for September 6, 2019:

The fact that this chapter continues on immediately following the events of the previous one (it is literally the same day, probably less than an hour later, in fact) makes me feel less bad about it beginning on a Friday, when the next page isnít up for another three days yet.

Anyway, this chapter may be familiar, if you read any of the remaster I began of Eonís Comic last year. I wrote an entirely brand new story arc featuring Blaze the Cat to replace some of the content from the original version and I am still very pleased with how that turned out, so Iím going it be re-creating that more-or-less as it was in 2018. But unlike Chapter 11, where Blazeís scenes only formed part of a patchwork story, or Chapter 14, which was a complete re-write of a story that didnít previously feature Blaze at all, this chapter is going to be almost verbatim a re-creation of the remastered version of Eonís Comic #36 and #38 from last year.

The biggest difference in this version of the story is going to be environmental, honestly. The snow was over in the version I did last year, but itís still hanging around in this version, although I decided to clear the sky up a wee bit and have the snowfall itself actually stop. And that brings me to those clouds in the background. Iíve never really managed to find cloud sprites I like. In Eonís Comic, I eventually went for some complex particle effects to make some clouds I could stick on any background (and you can see some of that still in use in early chapters of Vol. 2, actually), but I was never able to make really defined clouds that I was happy with and I also ended up routinely making comic pages that were over a megabyte in size, despite the tiny panels. Part of my hope for this remaster is more economic use of effects to avoid that kind of bloated file size and so far, the biggest any page has got is 561 kilobytes (and that is an outlier -- most pages are under 300 kilobytes). Considering Iíve doubled the panel size to make the images easier to see and give more room for word balloons, I think Iím doing rather well keeping the file size down. But I digress. I didnít want to re-use those highly detailed cloud effects, but I didnít have any cloud sprites I liked. So I used the best cloud sprites Iíve been able to find as a guide to make some simple, reusable cloud effects, which, frankly, are not too dissimilar to how I do clouds in Vol. 2 now.

But letís talk story for a moment. Despite her fire powers, I'm writing Blaze as a very cold character right now. After all, what I'm going for is a very loose adaptation of her first game appearance, before she first warmed up to the idea of having friends or allowing herself to rely on anyone. Will she get there in Eon's World? Well, of course. But it's the journey that matters more than the destination, isn't it?

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