June 25, 2019

Content Warning: moderate violence, war


Commentary for June 25, 2019:

One of the benefits of remaking Eonís Comic as Eon's World Vol. 1 is the availability of assets from later Sonic games, like Sonic Rush. I really liked the level designs in that game and its sequel, but by the time it was out, I didnít really have so much use for them. I did use a bit of Water Palace now and then, but only ever the backdrop. This is my first time using bits of the foreground, and I think they work quite well for an old echidna city.

Anyway, this story is important in that it establishes two crucial pieces of the lore of Eonís World. One, obviously, is the history of the echidnas and why Knuckles was the last one on Angel Island (and, as far as he knew, the last one, period). The other is the Great War. Thatís going to be referred to a lot going forward, so I wonít go into a lore dump over it here.

This page was pretty frustrating to make, honestly. I needed to make basically all new character sprites for all but the first panel. No complete sprite sheets, of course, but each individual sprite used had to be made for this page, because I couldnít very well just use existing sprites. This is meant to be over 300 years ago, after all.

Finally a note on continuity. As I originally conceived them, the Echidna Empire were not descended from echidnas on Angel Island; on the contrary, they were descended from the survivors of Pachacamacís tribe, who travelled to what essentially corresponded with Europe, and built a vast and oppressive empire there in a Tolkien-esque fantasy setting before recorded history that was later destroyed in some kind of cataclysmic event (I imagined an asteroid impact). The Echidna Empire of today (sic) was descended from that and simply wanted to restore the echidna race to supremacy and dominance over all other peoples. They coveted Angel Island, but they had no history there. I felt that was kind of weak; so, for this remaster, I wanted there to be a) an actual connection between the Echidna Empire and Angel Island and b) some better reasons for what theyíre trying to do than just pure greed or religious zealotry. More of this next page.

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