September 9, 2019



Commentary for September 9, 2019:

This was a fun page to make (both the original from 2018 and the remake from 2019) and I really wanted to show what a beating Sonic can take, hence the first, second, and fifth panels. I mean, itís nothing compared to issue #175 of Archie Sonic (which, by the way, was an amazing issue), but I seldom showed Sonic taking quite a pounding in Eonís Comic. I guess reading Archie Sonic and watching modern superhero movies has really raised the bar for me on how much of a punishment someone like Sonic (and, really, any of the hero characters in Eonís World) should be able to take.

There isnít much else to say about this page, really. But I will note the ship in the background steadily making its way across the bay. That sort of moving background element is something I often had in Eonís Comic, so of course itís back in Eonís World, Vol. 1.

Metal Knuckles sprites originally by MechaSonic2.

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