June 20, 2019



Commentary for June 20, 2019:

Okay, with this being the final page of Chapter 6, it is time to compare and contrast with the original version of this story!

Chapter 6 corresponds with Eon's Comic #2 and #3 (yes, I've re-jigged the order of some stories for Eon's World), in which Doctor Eggman hired Nack the Weasel to kill Sonic, but he ended up in a fight with Amy Rose instead and got his arse handed to him. He was also joined by an echidna merc called Lothar Hex, an OC created by Gary Webber, who like Stuart Edneyís Harry Eastwood, would later appear in the webcomic, Exterminatus Now. And like Eastwood, I was later asked to stop including him in Eonís Comic, which is why he will not appear in Eon's World. (Click here for a fuller explanation as to why.)

The removal of Lothar, of course, is not the only change, nor is it even the biggest. As youíll have seen, this chapter doesnít even feature Sonic or Amy, who were both in the original version. Instead, it features Tails, Rotor, and Bunnie most prominently on the hero side. The reason for this is because of how Eggman himself put it on page 6.01; he reserves the pleasure of destroying Sonic for himself. Putting a hit out on his arch nemesis is just not something I think Eggman would do. As Iíve said previously, Eggman is as much a rival to Sonic as he is an enemy, so itís not enough for Sonic to be killed; Eggman has to be the one to do it, to defeat Sonic and make sure he knows it, in order to ďwinĒ their little game and prove he is the best. Anything else would leave him unsatisfied. But heís got no problem sending mercs after Sonicís friends -- yes, even Tails. Sure, Eggman has a bit more respect for Tails these days after the events of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, but Tails is still just ďsupportĒ to him and not on the same level as Sonic himself.

So that explains the change to the job Eggman hired Nack for. And adding Bean and Bark to make up Team Hooligan from Archie Sonic gives him the support heíd be lacking otherwise without Lothar. But why did I include my own OC wizard for hire, Evelyn Blackwood? Well, the full answer is spoileriffic, so skip the rest of this paragraph if that worries you. But Evelyn isnít going to be in Eonís World for very long, Iím afraid, so I wanted to get her in early and get her character and powers established. Sheíll be working with Nack a couple of times in her brief time in this comic, so I felt it was good to get her introduced early and have that working relationship set up well in advance of what she has to look forward to. This story did not need her, but she and her later stories benefit from it. Plus, it added that extra peril with her ability to control Bunnie's cybernetics, which Tails and Rotor had to figure out. Otherwise, it would have just been, Hooligans show up, Freedom Fighters punch them until they run off and Knothole is safe again. Not so exciting, is it? (To be fair, Iím sure Iíd have written something more interesting than that, but Iím not sure what.)

I must admit, I am a little bummed that Amyís debut in Eonís World has to be pushed back because of the changes from the original Eon's Comic. I do like Amy, and it was fun to have her beating up a pair of mercs in her first appearance. But, in this re-telling, Iíd like to avoid the scary, obsessive, short-tempered rage monster characterisation that Amy all too often seems to get landed with.

Donít worry, Amy fans; she will appear soon! But tomorrow, itís time for Knuckles.

Credits: Rotor sprites by DarkBurraki and NinjaRaccoon. Bean sprites by SuperMario2467. Bark sprites by Cylent Nite.

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