September 24, 2019

Content Warning: violence, blood, death


Commentary for September 24, 2019:

I’m not terribly satisfied that it’s clear enough what is happening on this page in panel 3. Basically, what was supposed to be happening on the previous page was the Imperials loaded a bomb (possibly a low yield nuke) onto Shuttle 3 so it could lure away the Balkiries and then detonate, destroying them so the remaining shuttles could escape. One pilot sacrifices himself so the rest of the Echidna Empire personnel aboard the ARK can escape. But, like I said, not sure this comes across, sadly.

You might be wondering why the shuttles don’t use those three gun turrets they’ve each got to try and shoot down the Balkiries. Well, there are a number of reasons. One, they’re machine guns designed to target much larger craft, like fighter planes, or for clearing a landing site of enemy troops and armour. The Balkiries are about the size of a small missile each, and just about as fast, which makes it quite impossible for that type of gun to be effective against them. They’re too small and too fast. The guns are also primarily designed for use in atmosphere, where everything is moving a lot slower.

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