May 16, 2019



Commentary for May 16, 2019:

I like to think that, in this scene, Eggman is so focused on showing off his machines to impress the lady that he doesn’t quite notice just how much shade Sora-Ya is throwing at him. She’s not impressed by his cheap, mass-produced derivative of a superior Badnik series. She thinks it’s narcissistic and creepy that Eggman has built robots modelled on himself. And she thinks the name “Death Egg Robot” is absurd. But he’s too wrapped up in his boasting to notice her sarcasm.

Anyway, a slight technical issue with making a sprite comic -- sprites are not always made to the same scale. While you can usually get away with mixing and matching sprites from different games, trying to use MegaDrive era sprites along with Gameboy Advance era sprites causes some weird scaling issues. (Although, where possible, I actually use Sonic Mania sprites over actual MegaDrive ones, because they’re better, but Mania was done very much in the style of the MegaDrive era.) For some Badniks, it doesn’t really matter. But for the Death Egg Robot, resizing was essential, otherwise the sprite is simply too big to fit in the panels (which have the same aspect ratio as a Gameboy Advance screen, usually). For this reason, I had originally not planned to use the Death Egg Robot at all in Vol. 1, because it actually hadn’t occurred to me to resize it until my partner suggested it last year. I’m glad she did, because it opens up some fun opportunities.

Talking of which, Eggman mentions plans to build a mass produced, autonomous version of the Death Egg Robot. This is a deliberate reference to the 2017 game, Sonic Forces (a game that I think is highly underrated), where he has done just that. Of course, it’s unlikely that the events of Sonic Forces will ever happen in Eon’s World, at least not in the way they did in the game (or the backstory to the IDW comics), but there are definitely elements of that game that I plan to include.

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