August 5, 2019



Commentary for August 5, 2019:

A bit more experimenting with zooms here. I think I may do this more often if a shot doesnít need to be any looser than this, since a regular shot can look a bit dull when itís just two characters stood close together and talking in a vast empty space.

Anyway, hi there, Cream and Vanilla! And Cheese, too, I guess. Since itís not covered in the actual script for this chapter, I should point out that Vanilla is actually the Governor of Westside Archipelago in Eonís World, which is how she and Sally know each other -- Sally is actually the member of parliament representing Vanillaís constituency (and yes, they are both members of the same political party).

I donít have much else to say about this page. It might be because Iím really tired as I write this and in need of sleep.  

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