June 7, 2019



Commentary for June 7, 2019:

Now that the Rise of the Empire arc is over, itís time to get to the old stories from the original Eonís Comic! If anyone can remember that far back, however, you might be having trouble placing this story, which is fair, since it looks very different to the original version. This chapter corresponds with the story from the Eon's Comic #4, which went online on October 22, 2002. Iíll go into more detail about the difference between this version and the original in the commentary for this chapterís final page.

There isnít a great deal else to say here. This page establishes a location and some characters who are going to be important later, as well as giving a very brief, cliff notes version of the policies of the three major political parties and their candidates. Keeping things concise can be tricky for me when talking politics and I donít want to go off into the weeds this early. Politics and political ideologies were a big part of Eonís Comic, however, and Iím not toning it down for Eon's World Vol. 1; but I didn't want this chapter to drag either. Donít worry, though. If this isnít your jam, itís a very short chapter; the next one starts next Wednesday, it's going to have action, drama, peril, and best of all, Tails!

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