August 23, 2019



Commentary for August 23, 2019:

So this page is just a bit of a denouement to the story, showing Knuckles returning home with the Master Emerald at last. It doesnít feel all that long, really, since the Echidna Empire stole the Master Emerald in Chapter 7, but it has actually been almost two months now, which is almost as long as itís been in-universe, too. Thatís probably the longest itís ever been missing.

This story is a remake of Eonís Comic #28 and #29, which followed essentially the same story beats, but were less concise about it. The first part showed Knuckles infiltrating Eggmanís base to use his space transporter, and the second part showed him fighting his way through to Horatioís lab to take the Master Emerald back, and he left the same way he came in. I felt that didnít make much sense, though. Why wouldnít Eggmanís base be on high alert, expecting him to return via the transporter? So, thatís why I made a point of having Orbot mention it in this version. I also truncated Knucklesís infiltration of Eggmanís base to make the chapter focus more on his interaction with the Echidna Empire, as thatís the important part of this story.

I completely altered the ending to have Knuckles be allowed to leave peacefully -- indeed, for Sora-Ya to even have an Imperial shuttle take him home. In Eonís Comic, their relationship was much more adversarial by this point in the story, but in this retelling, they have not yet reached that -- at least, Sora-Ya hasnít; I daresay Knuckles sees anyone who steals the Master Emerald as a mortal enemy. The real question is, how does he see Sora-Ya now that sheís willingly returned it to him?

Well, if the final panel is any indication, he certainly doesnít trust her or the Echidna Empire yet. But thatís the keyword, isnít it? ďYetĒ. Oh, Knuckles, my sweet summer child...

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