May 22, 2019



Commentary for May 22, 2019:

CJís magic is based on a number of sources. Primarily, itís based on The Slayers, but it has a good bit of The Elder Scrolls thrown in, and here, Iíve basically borrowed disciplines and a spell from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (Shocking Grasp, to be precise, which is how CJ deactivates the barrier keeping Silky confined).

I took a few days off before doing this page (in late April so I could get a fairly comprehensive sprite sheet done of Antoine and CJ each. One of the problems that always irked me when doing Eonís Comic was that, whenever I wanted to change a characterís appearance or introduce a new character, I had to make sprites of them, and it got to the point that I was practically making a new sprite for every character in almost every panel, which got frustrating. Itís actually part of why I stopped. I realised that all that effort could be better channelled doing a more traditional comic. Yes, Iíd have to do all the art basically from scratch in every panel, but I was practically doing that anyway. Doing the sheets for Antoine and CJ brought back those feelings in a big way. But it had to be done. I did not have a complete Antoine sheet or a complete CJ sheet with this particular appearance. The idea with sprites for me has always been to make a whole lot of them at once and then be able to make comics quickly using the assets Iíve already made. But the reality doesnít ever seem to live up to that. Itís exhausting and does leave me a little concerned about how Iíll manage going forwards. But I managed to do this for eight years before, so I think I can do it again. After all, most of the assets are already made from the first time around, arenít they?

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