April 16, 2019



Commentary for April 16, 2019:

Happy birthday to me,

I just turned 33,

But I still make sprite comics,

Happy birthday to me!

Seriously, though, today is indeed my 33rd birthday, but that has nothing to do with this page, so enough about that.

Hi, Cookirini! Readers of Vol. 2 should be familiar with this character, who played a big role in the first major story arc, particularly in Chapter 7. Sheís one of the very few OCís created by other people whoíve been grandfathered into Vol. 2 (and now also Vol. 1), thanks to me still being in touch with her creator, Jessica Davis. And she is a massively important character to Eonís World, so I was eager to get her introduced early in Vol. 1. As originally conceived in Eon's Comic, Cookirini was an old friend of Eonís, and that became very important later on. But I never really showed them interacting this early, at least not in a way that would suggest a strong friendship. But then I had a moment of inspiration.

Iíd also never established how Eon learned to swordfight. It was just a skill he had, without any explanation. In the fanfic where Eon first debuted, I hand-waved it by saying he was self-taught, but thatís not very plausible, is it? But then I had an idea. What if Cookirini taught him? After all, she can swing a sword, too, sheís a few years older than Eon (Eonís 16, sheís in her early-to-mid 20ís at this point), and it explains how they came to be friends.

A lot of what this chapter is about is introducing the main OCís in Eonís World, so itís a little domestic to start with, I fully admit. But if jeopardy and peril are more your speed, be sure to come back tomorrow.

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