October 3, 2019



Commentary for October 3, 2019:

You know, it didnít occur to me until coming to this page that this is actually the first time Sonic and Knuckles have interacted in Eonís World. Theyíve both appeared, but their paths have never crossed until now. In-universe, itís the first theyíve seen of each other since the events of Sonic Adventure 2.

Anyway, we already covered a bit of what Knuckles thinks of Sonic in Chapter 9. I donít think the feeling is mutual. I think Sonic has a lot more time for Knuckles, but heís definitely not someone Sonic sees as a true friend like Tails, Amy, or any of the Freedom Fighters. At this point, he views Knuckles as more of an ally than a friend; but also someone he needs to be cautious of. Back in the days of Eonís Comic, I largely based their interaction on Sonic the Comic of course, but more so on Sonic X once it began (which was not long after the original version of this story, as it happens). Iíve always felt the way Sonic X portrays their relationship is one of the better aspects of that series. There is room to grow, of course. As Iíve said before, this comic is not bound to the rules that official Sonic media has to follow. So, donít expect this to always be how Sonic and Knuckles interact with one another.

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