April 15, 2019



Commentary for April 15, 2019:

When I began Eonís Comic, I didnít have any idea where I was going with it, to say nothing of realising Iíd still be essentially creating it over 16 years later. Iíd tried making Sonic fan comics before, hand-drawn ones (and hand-coloured too, usually with crayons), but Iíd rarely completed such a project. Usually Iíd get a few pages in and then abandon them. The same was true with fanfics, as well. I started messing around with sprites in the summer of 2002 and made a couple of very simplistic and fairly silly comics that, bizarrely enough, I treated as canon to Eonís Comic initially, along with a fanfic I spent a long time working on, but never finished. But having learnt the basics doing them, I decided to go all out and make an ongoing sprite comic. This was back in the heyday of sprite comics and everybody seemed to be making them back then -- at least, if they werenít making sprite comics, they were making sprites. So I jumped on that bandwagon, and kinda stayed on it, even after everyone else seemed to have jumped off. And my comic went from weird and silly adventures to a dark and gritty war drama with some anvilicious political commentary in it.

But it all began with a weird, non-canon first page that was a story of two halves, really. The first half was Eon daydreaming about saving Silky from a Super Badnik by decapitating it with his sword, and the second half was Eon introducing Eonís Comic to the readers, only for Sonic and Tails to throw some shade at the idea of yet another Sonic the Hedgehog sprite comic. It was on the second page that an actual story began. I did consider keeping that intact, but having come up with the idea for the prologue youíve probably just read, I decided to do something a little different instead.

Since Iíve completely reformatted the presentation for Eonís World Vol. 1, thereís no reason to stick so strictly to the original order of events as I intended to when I started remastering Eon's Comic last year. So, before we pick up the story from where it originally began in October, 2002, I invite you to enjoy a story arc adapted from my ancient fanfic idea to give some of my major OCís the proper introduction they never really got before. Iím very excited to finally be able to share this hitherto untold story of Eonís World. After that. Weíll get to some of the classic silliness that gave Eonís Comic its early charm. But first, ever wonder how Eon and Silky first met? Well, like all great romances, it began with a swordfight.

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