May 27, 2019



Commentary for May 27, 2019:

How does somebody as smart as Eggman always lose to someone like Sonic? Well, the real reason is because Sega decrees it so. But the way I interpret things is like this.

Eggman is very intelligent, yes, but heís also incredibly arrogant. He literally believes he is the most intelligent person in the world and that everyone else is a dullard next to him. But the truth is, heís not as smart as he thinks, and his overconfidence is his greatest weakness. It causes him to underestimate his foes regularly. And, of course, Sonic is a lot smarter than Eggman realises.

As is Sora-Ya, for that matter. Curse her sudden-but-inevitable betrayal! Yes, of course, she already told us she was going to do this, but thereís a difference between saying and doing, isnít there? This was a particularly fun scene to write.

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