July 30, 2019



Commentary for July 30, 2019:

Blaze don’t play.

Anyway, this is where Chapter 11 starts to deviate from the 2018 remaster of Eon's Comic #23. I mentioned that this was going to be a Frankenstein chapter in yesterday’s commentary, and this is where the first bit of stitching comes in. These scenes involving Sonic and Tails are the sutures, which will connect parts from three different stories from the original, believe it or not. I think the overall result works, though, since some of these stories were basically filler anyway, which I don’t much care for on its own, but can be nice character moments when they’re part of a larger narrative. I’ll elaborate on how I've adapted those other old stories into one chapter as they come up.

For those who’ve never played Sonic Adventure 2, some spoilers are necessary to grok what Sonic and Tails are talking about regarding Shadow (but it’s been 18 years now, so this is a bit like spoiling the plot twist in The Empire Strikes Back, really). Shadow “died” at the end of Sonic Adventure 2. No, I know he didn’t really, because he came back in Sonic Heroes, the very next major title in the series; but the end of SA2 gave the impression that he had died, heroically sacrificing his life to save the world -- at least, that was what the other characters assumed. So, with that in mind, Sonic and Tails, whom we join here only a few months after the events of SA2, currently believe Shadow to be dead and gone.

Credits: Blaze the Cats sprites originally by Kaijin.

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