August 26, 2019



Commentary for August 26, 2019:

If it ever strikes you as odd to see snow in a place where palm trees grow, you should understand that palm trees are very hardy and can grow in lots of environments, not just tropical places. There are palm trees on the north coast of Scotland, even. Theyíre not indigenous to the region, but they grow just fine there where they have been introduced. If youíre wondering, Station Square is supposed somewhere in what is today the Chesapeake Bay area.

Anyway, what is this spooky voice calling to Cookirini? And why can only she hear it? Well, if you read Eonís Comic back in the day, you might have a good chance of guessing. And if youíve read Eonís World Vol. 2, you may also be able to guess. If not, donít worry. Youíll find out.

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